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After they had taken some deep breaths, Chen Mu bravely reached for the door knob and rotated it. The creak from the door caught the attention of the people who were inside the room. Once entered, a rich bloody iron scent stormed up their nostrils, making them cover their mouths immediately. They nearly gagged.


"Whose phone is that? Can you please pick up the call, message or whatever outside? It's distracting us." Zi Yan spoke in a soft voice while wiping Susu's forehead with a wet cloth. Professor Luo Xia remained silent, but the frown on his face was evident.


Originally, Chen Mu was not planning to show up tonight. Unfortunately, his tongue slipped during the call with Tian Yuo, so now he needs to suck it up and have dull, lengthy conversations with other businessmen. In order to keep Susu away from boredom, he left her with Lily so that she could avoid listening to the lame jokes that business people make.


They were impressed by her courageous strength. Many people would have gone on a massive killer mode or went in shock from learning about this. Susu mumbled, "I'll hunt each of them down."


Susu took a picture of the stamp and opened it in one of the editing applications that she used to view images in a high resolution on her cell phone. She zoomed in and adjusted the settings until the stamp is visibly clear enough for Lily to see.


"Let's see how accurate this myth is. Even without this myth, I've already determined to accompany you until the very last breath of ours. Whether I go first or you, I'll only spend this lifetime with you. Aurora lights... may the Goddess of the Dawn allow us to share more sunrises and a miracle in the future."

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Everything was so peaceful and quiet that they closed their eyes and enjoyed each other's company. After the elevator incident from today, Susu had felt disgusted, but once she was in Chen Mu's embracing, she felt significantly better. Only she knew how much she loved his scent and the comfort he provides.


Slowly, his tip parted her lips, and she moaned as she saw where they connected. When his full length was shoved in, she closed her eyes and focused on feeling his thrusts. This time, there was little to no pain, and she enjoyed it even more than before. She loved the heat that his penis emitted inside of her as it grind her insides and enlarged after some time.


"Fine. I'll tell you. We only have at most five years to find Qian Ling if she's still alive, that is. From what I know, she had a family and was brutally taken away from them out of nowhere. At first, she thought it was a kidnap, but later realized that a dead body was found at the car explosion that she was involved in. Those bastards wanted to keep her there alive for research."


"Y..You remember me?" A part of her felt very relieved, yet many knots tightened in her chest as she made an attempt in creating a conversation with Susu.


He despised those who had arms and legs, yet uses sly methods to win projects and disclose corporate confidential information. Since months ago, he had been trying to track down the suspicious activities that went on in his company.


"Well, at least something good came out of this." He saw that she had stopped drinking. Since she hated to waste food, he could tell that she was starting to force it down her throat. He held out his hand and wiggled his hands.


'He's right...I should give them a chance and then decide if I should accept them back. Maybe they did have a very very very serious situation that delayed them for years.' She thought to herself as she fell back asleep.



Ariana turned around and looked up at the ceiling to control the mist layer in her eyes. She gathered herself together and tied Kitty's limbs up before going out of the room. Flashbacks appeared in her mind and hot tears rushed out of her eyes. Chen Nan comforted her in his arms while whispering, "It's okay.. Shhh. Shh. With us here, she will be fine."



Her parents remained silence as they listened to her words and calmed down. Karen continued, "We're not doomed. Remember I told you guys about my fashion boutique? Everything is almost done. All I need is recognition. I already have everything planned. There is a grand event at the Golden Pina tonight and Tian Yuo received an invitation card. I could be his plus one guest and I'll spread the word about my boutique."


"Huh? We slept together on the same bed, but nothing else happened. What's there to share?" Susu looked confused when Lily screamed out as if that was a big deal.


Borrowing a cane from one of the judges, Professor Luo Xia pointed to the tiny leaf corner of the rose stamp and pointed out Susu's initials. "Just like the other designs, this stamp was designed by Yin, Susu."

  • Zin Leung looked at his second daughter in fiery, "You did what?!! My billions of dollars were used on your boutique and all along I was praising and bragging about you to everyone I knew?!"
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